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Dashboards and Scorecards

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Scorecards and dashboards provide "at-a-glance" information about business performance across the enterprise. They are typically generated for managers and executives who need an overall view of business performance and find tremendous value in viewing timely, visually intuitive snapshots of strategic financial and operational data.

Nova consulting services will work with you to develop detailed requirements and deliver configured data that will invigorate your management team.

Methods of Managing Performance:
- Visualize key performance data effectively in graph format
- Convey performance results quickly with visuals
- Use scorecards and dashboards as gateways to filtered analysis
- Define and Monitor threshold levels to set indicators and trigger alert deliveries
- Link individual KPIs to corporate goals
- Cascade scorecards and dashboards throughout the organization and across the value chain
- Deliver scorecards and dashboards via email, on a scheduled or alert basis
- Reach all individuals - from executive managers to new associates
- Incorporate all enterprise data (financial and operational) from every business process worldwide
- Access personalized, secure scorecards and dashboards from any Web browser, Intranet/ Extranet or portal
- Dashboards provide an illustrative representation of business performance across the organization

Dashboards are intended to deliver deep visual impact to be readily understood. The configured format is customized to whatever type of graphical representation the client prefers. The critical aspect is the integration of the information being measured. Typically, the source systems use disparate data sets and require some integration work to enable enterprise visibility.

Scorecards also provide a visual representation of standard key performance indicators (KPI's) which are carefully selected metrics that help companies measure and manage performance.

Companies can benchmark performance using a variety of representations based on methodologies or even customize their own.

With all reports, role personalization can be integrated to ensure automated analysis and compiled data can be tailored to each person's role-based profile, overlapped with privacy restrictions, security policies and/or subject-area interests.

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