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charismathics GmbH

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Phone: +498930906700
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Plug'n'crypt USB Token

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charismathics provides easy to use and flexible identity solutions through an affordable USB token. The plug´n´crypt token combines the functionality of a secure smart card with optional extensions like flash memory and RFID in a single device. It also includes the charismathics PKI middleware, providing 3D independence towards hardware, applications and Token Management Systems. The result is an enabling technology which supports all major smart card platforms, integrates them into all PKI and client application environments, and represents significant total cost of ownership reductions across the life cycle.

We make it possible to apply smart tokens in new ways for secure mobile computing and secure data storage. Our plug´n´crypt solution is available with customizable flash memory size and/or standard RFID transponders or simply as a pure identity product with smart card functionality.

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