Simplify IT with Revolutionary Release: Windows Server 2012

Like most businesses, you have complex needs when it comes to IT. You need to organize and protect your business data, communicate effectively, and maximize your use of existing IT assets. The good news is the right server can help you. Meet Windows Server 2012.

Not your average “next version,” Windows Server 2012 brings serious breakthroughs in speed, scale and power. New advancements in virtualization, storage, networking and automation make it not just a standard for datacenters and a key piece of Microsoft's Cloud OS vision, but an answer for businesses looking to simplify their infrastructure and lower their costs.

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Hundreds of Enhancements Help You Streamline Computing

Here are a few that stand out:

  • Continuous availability: Features like Hyper-V Replica and Shared Nothing Live Migration ensure applications are always up and available, so you can compute anytime, regardless of your datacenter status.
  • Advanced storage virtualization: Storage pools enable more nimble control over capacity expansion and administration. And virtual disk “storage spaces” with customizable attributes let you set resilience, provisioning, allocation on diverse storage media, and administrative control.
  • Network virtualization: This feature lets you isolate networks—either different departments, such as HR and Finance, or different organizations. And it can simplify the transition to private cloud hosting.
  • Server Manager: Provides built-in multi-server management and rich PowerShell templates to dial-up and simplify automation. Administrators can manage groups of servers from a single, integrated console and address issues with greater speed and agility.


Small Business? Consider Windows Server 2012 Essentials

This powerful, flexible edition tailored to small business provides:

  • Intuitive design and data protection features, such as full client PC backup.
  • Easier management of cloud-based apps and services, on-premises apps, or a combination of both.
  • Support for remote workers, providing freedom to work anywhere with an Internet connection and web browser.

Maximize Your Investment with Specialized Offerings

Cloud Servers with Windows Server 2012 by Rackspace Hosting: This cross-premises application platform can provide development ease and flexibility, and a scalable web platform.

Windows Server 2012 Training by Benchmark Learning: Get training that’s customized to employees’ roles and responsibilities and delivered via your choice of modalities.

vtUtilities by VT Technology Inc.: This Windows Server 2012 logo certified solution provides a local graphical user interface (GUI) to manage Hyper-V.

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Originally published: December 6, 2012