Pinpoint Spotlight Archive


Why Choose a Microsoft Partner?26 May 2010
Why should businesses engage with a Microsoft certified and qualified partner for service and support?
Four Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Windows Azure29 April 2010
For many companies, the best strategy to improve the efficiency, reduce the costs and enhance the security of their IT infrastructure is cloud computing using Windows Azure.
Six Tips For Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)14 January 2010
With the majority of customers arriving at your Web site via a search engine’s results page, it’s critical that you maintain a proactive strategy for search engine optimization (SEO).


Introducing the Pinpoint Applications Marketplace19 November 2009
The first phase of Pinpoint’s dynamic application marketplace is here, giving you greater access to software apps based on Microsoft technologies that address your specific business needs.
Top Three Tips for Staying In Tune with Customers17 September 2009
With today’s fast pace and uncertain economy, staying in touch with customers and expanding your professional network can pay off through stronger relationships and leads on new opportunities.
Nine Tips for Easy Low-Cost Marketing23 July 2009
In today's competitive market, promoting your company and distinguishing yourself from competitors is essential.
Eight Tips for Improving Productivity (and Revenues)02 July 2009
There's no doubt that market conditions are impacting businesses, but for many companies that's not the full story. The downfall of some firms has hastened through long-standing business practices that can't weather uncertainty. At the same time, other companies are coping, even thriving.
Nine Tips for Standardising Business Processes21 May 2009
Clear, consistent processes are imperative for a successful business. Standardized processes help you better manage the quality of your offerings, reliably meet deadlines, easily train and integrate new people, and effectively adapt your processes as your business grows.
Top 8 Tips for Successful Technology Planning
Technology drives the success of nearly every business, but many companies--especially smaller ones--don't take the time to draw up a sound IT strategy.