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Assortment Planning

by 3fifteen

Assortment planning was initiated with the goal of improving the assortment plans that the planners and buyers for a large retailer compile for their pre-season assortments. The solution enables junior planners to put together an assortment without needing
the experience of an experienced planner. The application was built primarily using Microsoft Excel 2003 and VBA scripting. The business users required that the application had easy access with a familiar interface.

The application was built using the following process: 

-  The user would compile their budgets and plans in a product called Arthur Planning where they would capture their next season's targets as well as their store banding's.

- This data would then be exported real time to a text file solution where SQL SSIS packages would import the data when available.

- The user would then be able to download the applicable Excel workbook for his specific range code that he was working with.

- Within the Excel workbook the user can refresh his Arthur Planning figures and product attribute figures dynamically.

- Once refreshed the user follows a step by step process filling in the blanks on the various sheets until he was happy with his assortment. This could be done reiteratively where the user returns to Arthur Planning to change figures, export and then refresh
with the excel work book.

- Once the user is happy with the proposed plan, he would publish that plan real time to the server where SQL SSIS packages would transform and load the data required for the reporting and analysis.

- The user can now run reports based on different levels for the roll-ups that he would require being department, category, or range code level.

- There is also interim reporting available in the Excel workbook based on the data in the workbook.

- The user could also use Proclarity to slice and dice the cubes to analyze his assortment in more detail.

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