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BBBEE Scorecard and Reporting Portal

by 3fifteen

The on-line application scores an organisation on the seven elements of BBBEE.
 Each of these elements is underpinned by the set of rules related to that area of the BBBEE codes of good practise, as set out by the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
 This essentially means that apart from ascertaining what the BBBEE score of an organisation is at any point in time, the solution allows organisations to conduct 'what if' scenarios and set out plans for future development of their BBBEE strategy.
Once a valid plan or scenario has been reached, organisations can commit this scenario and track their actual progress to this plan or scenario.

In the interest 
of keeping the application current and able to adjust to changing market conditions (and DTI legislation), the BBBEE calculation formulae can be changed by simply amending the formula in a centrally stored Excel spreadsheet.
 Data capture forms are built and maintained with Excel Server and InfoPath 2007 and are similarly updatable, configurable and maintainable.

Lastly, as a vital part of the solution, an Office 2007 integrated dissemination dashboard and reporting portal is facilitated by Decision Support Panel (DSP) and Reporting Services.
This allows the 'captains of industry' to keep an eye on their organistion's BBBEE progress in an uncluttered manner. Benefits of adopting 3fifteen’s BBBEE portal solution are:
 Access to a company-wide consolidated scorecard with the ability to drill-down; effortless compliance reporting; BBBEE formula-based scenario planning; integrated scorecard update; supplier contribution level tracking.

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