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Demand Management: Enabling Efficient Order and Supply Workflow Integration

by Gijima Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Demand Management implies managing user requests in an orchestrated, controlled and auditable environment.  That is exactly what Gijima have to offer in their Demand Management solution. The solution allows the user to start performing trend analysis so
as to more efficiently re-allocate or procure resources based on affordability and bulk procurement while at the same time managing performance and tracking escalations. The main functions can be summarised as follows:

-Provide a single interface with workflow where users can create and track requests.

-Allow managers to track performance management via automated escalations.

-Include detailed audit trails for analysis and tracking.

-Provide MIS and trend analysis reporting.

The solution provides the user with enough leads and validations to provide a valid request to the service provider the first time around. The system then sends specific requests straight to the relevant service providers via email notifications.The supplier
management module allows the tracking of suppliers and managing price lists for standard items.  The demand logging module allows users to capture their IT requests by selecting from standard price lists or requesting quotations for non-standard items. The
approval process is workflow enabled, and tailored to your organizations business rules and delegations of authority. The order and fulfillment control module is a complete procurement portal allowing electronic interaction with your vendors for requesting
and receiving quotations, placing orders, tracking vendor and order status and receiving goods.  The module is also capable of electronically passing IMAC requests to service management systems such as Remedy or Heat.  The asset register caters for the configuration
control of all IT related assets including Hardware and Software and is automatically maintained with information from the preceding workflow processes.  Notification, Escalation and exception management ensure that the process never stands still and all activities
are performed timeously.  Detail visibility is gained through the tracking and auditing capability.

Substantial business benefits are realised through the implementation of this solution which drastically reduces turnaround times as well as visibility of all stages in the process to relevant stakeholders.  With integration to any interface via X-layer,
the system is suitable for all organisations and can be scaled up or down for any size organisation or number of processes. There is also a substantial cost saving as turnaround times are reduced. Through trend analysis, procurement patterns can be analysed
to re-allocate existing stock instead of purchasing and avoid warehouse and stock penalties.

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