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DocAve Content Manager for SharePoint

by AvePoint

DocAve Content Manager comprehensively moves, copies, and restructures Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010 sites, content, and topology within or across SharePoint environments – whether on premises or hosted in Microsoft Office 365. Through a centralized, highly intuitive management console, featuring familiar ribbon-based controls and step-by-step guidance via wizards, administrators can seamlessly manage and restructure SharePoint content with minimal interruption to business processes.

Content Manager allows organizations to:

• Comprehensively copy, move, migrate, and restructure SharePoint apps, content, sites, and topology within or across SharePoint environments in real time or on a schedule
• Quickly tag and classify SharePoint content by updating SharePoint metadata in bulk or through an organized review process, with optional delegation to business owners
• Easily respond to evolving information governance policies or organizational structure changes by managing enterprise content through a single, highly intuitive management console
• Microsoft Office 365 compatibility allows administrators to seamlessly restructure content on premise or within hybrid environments

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