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Entelect Software (Pty) Ltd

Entelect Event Manager

by Entelect Software (Pty) Ltd

If you plan and co-ordinate events, you will understand the value of a website for participants and other stakeholders. Entelect Event Manager is a turn-key product which we set up and customise quickly and easily with your branding, and which empowers you to administer your event, website content and news, participants registration and the database communications aspects, all from a very easy-to-use back-end.

We have been successfully enabling large-scale sporting events for years and have built up sophisticated features and capabilities. Each event is unique and we pride ourselves in our ability to make anything possible for clients through custom development, if necessary.

Features of the Entelect Event Manager include: interactive web presence for every event; graphically and functionally rich front-end; online entry, registration and payment; Reporting; Self-managing administration back-end; Newsletters, news, bulk sms and emails; Database management; User/ Role-based admin access; Team/Group entries; News Exchange with other partner sites

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