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MBAconnect - social networking website for individuals with an MBA qualification.

by Netgen

MBAconnect provides business schools with a tool to enhance their alumni community and MBA qualified professionals with a targetted method of networking with others in their profession. The website provides members with the ability to network with other MBA's via messaging, blogs and social events. Users may advertise their particular services and recruiters may post job vacancies on the website. There is also a searchable directory of other members - users may search on a number of criteria e.g. name, business school, year of graduation and add them to their own network. Social gatherings, talks and other events relevant to the MBA community are advertised to users. A basic blogboard application is provided to stimulate debate regarding common issues pertinent to the MBA profession.

The website may also be "white labelled" for branded use by a business school should they wish to use MBAconnect as a tool to manage their alumni community.

The revenue model of the website derives from the ability of advertisers to post targeted special offers that may appeal to members. Advertisers may also place ad banners on the site and recruiters may advertise job opporunities. The website offers a powerful value proposition to marketers and recruiters as it caters to a targetted group of professionals.

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