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Map your Training Effectiveness

by Assessment Portal Pty Ltd

How Customers Benefit
Understand the effectiveness and value training is providing within your organisation by assessing how well the training is applied and implemented back in the work environment and what Barriers and Enablers, including organisational “climate” aspects, that may be impacting the ability to apply and implement the learning

What we Measure
Aligned to the Kirkpatrick model, Levels 1&2 (Reaction & Learning) are summarily addressed, with Levels 3&4 (Behaviour & Results), which are seldom measured, being the focus, and including organisational Barriers and Enablers that may be influencing value outcomes

What you get
Two stage 180° (Trainee & Manager) assessments comparing outcomes across all the key areas immediately following the training and after an intervention period, providing detailed analysis and observations for individuals and an organisational summary.

How it’s delivered
Cloud (SaaS) application—nothing to install.
Role based surveys to ensure objective results.
Minimum staff impact.
Simple and clean survey interface.
Immediate reporting based on the most current data.

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