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PreBook Realtime Booking and Payment Systems

by iSolve Business Solutions

Prebook is an online booking engine unlike the current booking engines found on the internet. The current engines purchase stock from the establishments to sell, where Prebook is a live up to date representation of the stock available at the various establishments.

This particular solution therefore consists of both a windows application and web application interacting with a database to maintain stock state between them. Another feature of this application is that it is geared towards providing online booking facilities to an untapped market, namely the bed and breakfast venues in South Africa, at a relatively inexpensive cost.

This solution required that the latest Visual Studio and Microsoft .Net environment was utilised but also required that the solution integrate with external service providers utilising a java webservice as well as VB6 windows application and a SQL 2005 database. The original solution utilised VB6 and asp which allowed some leverage to gather system process but required a complete technology re-design and optimisation and re-write of most stored procedures utilising iSolve's data management knowledge and SQL optimisation expertise.

The solution itself was exceptionally challenging as all components were custom developed and leveraged off bleeding edge technology as well as complete unsupported legacy applications.
The architecture and design was therefore key in allowing upgrade of these legacy applications in due course without impact on the internal Booking engine itself. (built using .net 3.5) This was achieved by utilising webservices to allow data to be transferred
independent to the environment utilised. The solution was completed utilising Visual Studio 2008, .net 3.5 with Ajax and LinQ, as well as SQL2005 and the web front end was completed in with a C# backend. The solution was successfully delivered on time
and included the integration into the 3rd party Java payment gateway.

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