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nVisionIT (Pty) Ltd

RFID Supply Chain Management Solution

by nVisionIT (Pty) Ltd

This solution works to solve the needs of organisations that wish to leverage RFID to solve common supply chain problems. The solution we have developed is a platform to allow ogranisations to graphically design a supply chain and annotate the diagram with metadata and rules. This information is then used to power the capture and workflow engines throughout the supply chain.The solution provides the following benefits:- Ensures that the right information is captured with each scan and that the correct workflow is invoked. As the system knows what processes and workflows are allowed at each read-point validation can be applied to ensure that the process is followed correctly. A simple example would be - "You may not scan this asset into the exit gate because it is currently marked for repair." This is a common problem where an asset that is damaged in some way is accidentally reused.-Nesting allows for tracking of non-RFID enabled assets. By integrating with the delivery note the system can associate multiple assets with a single read. The next time that asset is scanned the system can infer the location of the items on the PO.-Real-time monitoring. The system generates user-configurable, real-time alerts.-Offline. The system is capable of working in a fully disconected environment. For example if connectivity to a Distribution Center (DC) is lost the system will continue to operate.-Visibility. The system allows organisations to track where their assets are and how-long they have been at each location. This is important for tracking cycle times and tracking where damage to assets is ocurring in the supply chain.-Integration. The system is designed to integrate into ERP and other LOB systems acorss organisations. For example raising a GRV (Goods Received) Event in SAP when a shipment arrives.-Multi-Tenant archictecture. Many supply chains are not vertically integrated to the point where a single entity is responsible for all links. A supply chain can consist of many disparate organisations - each with it's own level of capablity in terms of connectivity and RFID hardware. Ou solution is designed to work across multiple organisations, apply the correct level of security and leveraging what capabilities are available. THe system for example can support paper-based scenarios.The net effect is that organisations can better manage RFID-enabled assets - they know where they are and for how long and are alerted if they deviate from a pre-defined process. This information when available in near real-time allows organisations to plan more effectivey, provide better service to their customers and optimise their investment in RFID.A key differentiator is that the system allows users to graphically design a supply chain indicating read-points, organisational boundaries, physical locations, workflows and business rules. This is designed to be performed by business people - not programmers. The result is that the application can evolve as the organisation evolves.

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