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SharePointLMS / SharePoint VLE

by ELEARNINGFORCE International

SharePoint LMS is a full blown learning management system that incorporates all the best features available to e-Learning today with a pedagogic user interface supported by the scalability of the Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server.

SharePoint LMS is a tool that makes online learning simple and affordable within your existing SharePoint environment. You don’t need to worry about integrating into your existing SharePoint portal, since SharePoint LMS runs seamless within the environment.

The solution offers you all the functionality of SharePoint plus the features of a traditional learning management system. SharePoint LMS allows you to easily:

- organize your materials
- create tests and assignments
- coordinate, collaborate and much more.

With SharePoint LMS you get new possibilities to structure your courses and deliver learning materials to your learners and at the same time you have access to tracking and reporting tools for effortless evaluation of the individual learner.

The platform
Based on the powerful and highly secure Microsoft SharePoint platform, our Learning Management System gives you an opportunity for effective learning and quick assessments.

SharePoint LMS is available for SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation and in mid 2013 it will also be available for SharePoint 2013.

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