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XContent (Pty) Ltd

XContent | Business Optimization Framework

by XContent (Pty) Ltd

XContent | Business Optimization Framework allows customers to create custom Content Creation Frameworks running on SharePoint using XML schemas. These Frameworks can be converted to PDF and work flowed outside the enterprise with no need for additional licensing or security risks to local networks.

PDF forms can then be returned to mail enabled libraries and the new data can then be updated to existing documents, all in an automated process.

Some examples where BO Framework has been applied with great successes:

• Vendor Master Management
• Supplier Registration and Management
• Leave Applications
• Loans and Grants Management
• Credit Applications
• Employment Application Process
• Helpdesks
• Engineering Change Proposal Processes
• Risk Management
• Customer Registrations and Management

BO Framework value drivers:

• Increased effectiveness
• Resource Cost savings
• Lower incident costs
• Supports Go-Green initiatives
• Statutory Compliance
• License Savings
• Cross BU collaboration

XContent | Business Optimization Framework run on Microsoft SharePoint 2007, WSS 3.0 or any version of SharePoint 2010.

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