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Asset & Plant Management leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV to help you create an
effective scheduled maintenance program. It also gives you the ability to respond quickly to reported equipment
problems. You can therefore resolve maintenance issues before they impact your asset’s performance—or
your business.


Asset Maintenance is a computerized maintenance
management system (CMMS) consisting of a suite of applications to help you with the planning, cost
recording, collection, control, and analysis of work issues related to assets and equipment.

With Asset Maintenance, you have the tools to track all
maintenance costs, including the value of component inventory used, labor (by trade), outsourced services
such as contracted labor and purchased services and materials. You can track the cost of scheduled
as well as unplanned repairs.

Asset Maintenance allows you to:

• Streamline and automate maintenance schedules,

• Easily track and analyze information related to asset maintenance,

• Create and document work requests and work orders,

• Attach work instructions or other relevant documentation related to a work order,

• Automatically create work orders on trigger settings,

• Easily view and track budgeted, committed and actual costs incurred,

• Automatically generate audit trails,

• Monitor and prioritize your backlog,

• Analyze cost trends over a specific period,

• Monitor progressive status of purchased items required for a work order.

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