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B2B eCommerce solution for the furniture industry

by Expert Alliance Business Software

This solution was built on our own framework that acts like Ajax, only refreshing areas on the page when required. It was build with a combination of technologies like ASP (classic), SQL, Web services and some .NET elements. We integrate live to a third party
finance backend (Sage 1000) via MSMQ using XML as the document format. The solution provides a link between independent furniture retailers, suppliers and a buying group. The solution process about 1000 orders per day between suppliers, retailers and buying
group employees.

Based on this information, visitors receive personalised notices and unique product recommendations that are targeted specifically to them. This in-depth level of personalisation increases the likelihood of customers finding the products and services that meet
their needs, thereby improving their experiences and potentially their average order sizes. Expert Alliance eBusiness provides an online hierarchical product catalogue that contains product descriptions, images, pricing, and associated literature. Related
products may be presented alongside each item in the catalogue to create up-selling and cross-selling suggestions. The product catalogue enables organisations to structure their product information in an easy-to-access manner, enabling customers to simply
drill down into the categories in which they are interested

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