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Collaborator for Case Management

by Business Engineering Systems
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Document Management
  • Works With

    Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

Most service organisation has business processes structured in such a way that they can deliver the intended service(s) to a stakeholder in an effective and efficient manner. Even though the services that organisations deliver are vastly different across various industries, the characteristics for a solution that a processed applicable to the service delivery can be described. These characteristics are commonly described as Case Management. Case Management consist of the following components:
• Primary transaction: All service related processes relate to a governing process. This process will determine what the status of the transaction is. It will govern the transaction from the start to its end (life of the transaction).
• Secondary processes: During the life if the primary transaction, there are other more activities involved. The organisational resources involved in delivering the service may use their judgement to trigger additional actions. All these actions support the primary process to achieve the set objective.
• Stakeholders: Various parties (customers, internal staff, and external resources) are involved in either participating in the service that needs to be delivered or receiving the service. These stakeholders participate in the case using the available channels of communication (Telephone, facsimile, Post, Face-to-Face, SMS, Instant Messaging, and Electronic Forms).
• Events: During the life of the case certain events will take place on a set date and location. The parties will have to appear in court on a set date.
• Records: During the life of a case documents and other evidence is collected. This information must be stored as records against the case.
So even though an organisation has been doing case management (without calling it so) they still had to implement a software system that will support the processes that ensures the delivery of the service. Typically these software systems will control the flow of work and give users access to the information relevant to the applicable transaction.
SharePoint has been adopted by a great number of organisations as a platform on which Line of Business (LOB) Application must reside. The users are familiar with the standard look and feel of the Microsoft Technologies. Collaborator deployed on SharePoint platform introduces the ability setup functionality that supports the exact functional requirements of the organisation using a look and feel determined by SharePoint.

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