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Custrack Business Management System

by Custrack Management Systems

The Custrack Management System is a complete set of customer management tools. It is designed to enable management in organisations to improve the above the line earnings of their companies by retaining customers, improving sales productivity and increasing market penetration through more effective direct marketing.

The core of the system is the customer database where basic information as well as metrics for exisiting customers as well as prospective customers are managed. The sales process of the company is managed from call targets through funnel management to concluded business.

Once installed the details of the installed products are recorded in detail. Using this detail product information, service requests are logged and managed against agreed Service Level Agreements and escallated via Email and SMS to technicians and management. The system allows targeted direct marketing using Microsoft Word, HTML and Microsoft Outlook or SMTP to send individualised messages via Email, Fax or SMS.

As part of the direct marketing capability the system also includes an event managent component that can manage a single day event such as a golf day to a multi day, multi session event managing equipment and exhibitors. It automates the admininstration via automated personalised invitation, the management of the delegates, name badges, delegate lists, rooming lists, transport and flights.

The user interface consists of a Workgroup version using client server technology on a Microsoft SQL Server platform and an ASP.Net browser front end using the dotnet framework 3.5 platform.

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