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ISETT SETA Unit Standard Mapping

by iSolve Business Solutions

The Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies (ISETT) Sector Education Training Authority (SETA) is the governing body that seeks to develop South Africa into an ICT knowledge based society by encouraging more people to develop skills in the sector as a means of contributing to economic growth. The ISETT SETA will generate, facilitate and accelerate the processes of skills development for workers at all levels in the ISETT sector by linking future technology trends with new skills development programs.

A gap existed where Microsoft Official Courses and exams were not recognised by the ISETT SETA or the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as accredited certifications that would qualify for National Qualifications Framework (NQF) unit standard credits. NQF Unit standard credits accrue towards a higher qualification such as a degree or diploma.

By mapping existing Microsoft certifications and training programmes to the prescribed NQF unit standards, Microsoft can meet the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework, set by the South African Qualifications Authority. The mapping process, done by iSolve, took about five months to complete and covers all existing certifications and training. It is anticipated that new certifications will be mapped on an ongoing basis, allowing IT professionals to remain current, up-to-date and accredited.

The mapping enables Microsoft to close the skills development gap, as well as give those who complete training a nationally recognised qualification. Some people have qualifications but find that they are not in line with the NQF level requirements so by working closely with the ISETT SETA, the aim is to deliver qualified professionals with technical and cross-functional skills, based on the requirements of the industry and the standards set by government. The key area is to focus on software and high-level skills development as it is estimated that in South Africa there are currently 20 000 software development trainers. The certification and training programme gives companies an opportunity to grow the development trend and thus make software development more successful locally.

By complying with NQF standards, the collaborative work between government and business is demonstrated, and ensures an industry standard in training and certification is set. Employers and learners alike are encouraged to take advantage of the incentives put in place to incentivise ongoing and lif

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