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K2 blackpearl

by K2

K2 blackpearl is our most extensive and feature-rich software solution for building process-driven applications across your enterprise. With our software solution, the focus is on achieving the quickest time to market at the lowest possible cost and complexity.

Our solution features a visual design that radically minimizes or completely removes custom coding, making the entire solution declarative and highly reusable. This also allows for a robust application lifecycle and a high degree of change management.

No matter what industry you are in or what business process challenge you are trying to address, K2 can help you design, develop, and deploy advanced workflow and BPM solutions to help reduce costs, improve productivity, maintain compliance efforts, and increase shareholder value.

Customers often start with a specific process or department to automate and find it easy to expand to meet additional business challenges. SourceCode is committed to enabling customers to fully optimize a wide range of business processes and increase their organizational agility by unlocking the value of existing investments in people and systems.

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