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Mimecast Services

Mimecast Unified Email Management

by Mimecast Services

Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) delivers email security, continuity and archiving solutions as a single, tightly integrated, cloud-based service managed from a central, web-based administration console.

It radically simplifies the notoriously complex world of email management by removing the need to deploy, integrate and manage multiple third party systems – leaving you with a lean, high performance Exchange server or enhanced Office 365 environment to manage.

Mimecast UEM Express

The only email management solution to offer fully unified email security and continuity services.

Mimecast UEM Express offers complete, seamless integration between security and continuity services, to deliver continuous email security and DLP policy enforcement – even during outages. Customers selecting UEM Express can easily add Mimecast’s archiving services to the package in future.

Mimecast UEM Enterprise

The only email management solution to offer fully unified email security, continuity and archiving services.

Mimecast UEM Enterprise builds on the UEM Express service, adding powerful archiving to the mix. As well as ensuring that email availability and security are maintained during outages, UEM Enterprise delivers tight integration between:
Security and continuity: Unified email security and continuity services ensure that security and DLP policies are consistently enforced – even during outages

Archiving and security: In the event of a security breach, this can provide context and help establish whether a data leak was accidental or malicious

Continuity and archiving: To ensure that administrators and end-users enjoy uninterrupted access to the entire email archive, even during an outage, and from their PC, Mac, iPad, Mobile Devices (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and BlackBerry).

Summary of benefits:

- Increase in SLA to 100% availability
- Extended Archiving function up to 99 years
- Reduced load on Exchange
- External mail routing engine
- Simplified email architecture
- Infrastructure independent
- Infinitely scalable archive
- Predictable cost per user per month or year

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