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SBS Intellect (Pty) Ltd

SBS Intellect Solutions: Hosted CRM 2011

by SBS Intellect (Pty) Ltd

In addition to our standard on-premise solutions, we also offer hosted solutions partnering with Cypherwave, a leader in datacentre and cloud solutions. These solutions offer our clients cost-effective infrastructure and security as well as flexible and rapidly scalable solutions.

Major considerations to bear in mind when choosing a hosted solutions include:

Rapid time to value -
Meet and exceed time to market requirements without over-extending internal resources

Management Simplicity -
Constant external maintenance and simplified vendor management

Improved quality of Service -
Service Level Agreements assure continuous reliable service delivery to your customers

Flexibility -
Increase or decrease number of users based on monthly requirements

Cost Predictability -
Change Capital Expenditure to Operational expenses more accurately budgeted

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