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Address Genius Toolkit (0 Reviews)
The Address Genius Toolkit comprises a server application with various client controls for use with .NET, JAVA, etc. The toolkit also comprises a web service as well as windows forms which facilitate for...
DGS Server (0 Reviews)
The DGS Server consists of various applications designed to manage access to the Prosource address scan engine and data tables. The correct configuration of the DGS Server is critical to the correct...
Release Date: 2013/01/31
Version: 6R2
Nintex Primer (0 Reviews)
Dac Systems developed the Nintex Primer Solution to consolidate the Nintex Workflow and Forms product capabilities into a real-world practical application, so you get less sales-talk and more interaction....
Release Date: 2013/03/01
Version: 1
SharePoint customer support portal (0 Reviews)
With a SharePoint Customer Support Portal integrated with Overture, we can ensure your organization has the ability to offer access to information and online tools to customers, franchisees, community...
SOA Software Service Manager for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) (0 Reviews)
SOA Software Service Manager provides a native Windows Server agent for governing WCF Web services. SOA Software’s agent helps Windows Server administrators solve a difficult challenge inherent in...
Release Date: 2011/09/12
Version: 6.0