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INTEGRATED ENTERPRISE RISK AND SHERQ MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - Our software is typically used for the management of traditional... (0 Reviews)
IsoMetrix is an innovative, user friendly web based business solution which facilitates legal compliance and promotes corporate governance. IsoMetrix empowers organizations, providing management with...
Release Date: 2011/12/05
Version: 3
Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
CRM is about about building and strengthening customer relationships to keep them coming back, while helping you gain new customers. CRM systems streamline internal business processes and by effectively...
PeopleSource Recruitment (0 Reviews)
PeopleSource Recruitment (PSR) is a complete recruitment software solution that stores, organises and provides all the data and functionality necessary for recruiters to manage and co-ordinate their...
PharmaDotGo - Sales Force Automation Solution (0 Reviews)
PharmaDotGo is a Mobile Productivity platform for the sales representative in the Life Sciences environment. PharmaDotGo comprises of a modular mobile territory management and ordering solution designed...
SalesDotGo (0 Reviews)
SalesDotGo is a Mobile Productivity solution, built on industry leading Dynamics CRM for the sales professionals & representative in all industries. SalesDotGo comprises of a modular mobile territory...
SBS Intellect Solutions: Hosted CRM 2011 (0 Reviews)
In addition to our standard on-premise solutions, we also offer hosted solutions partnering with Cypherwave, a leader in datacentre and cloud solutions. These solutions offer our clients cost-effective...
Version: 2011
Strategic Customer Relationship Management (0 Reviews)
CRM Applications Sales Performance Sales PERFORMANCE gives sales managers visibility into the data required to manage sales people & their processes Financial Service Industry Performance for FSI solves...
SyncAce : Microsoft Office Outlook add-in for 37Signals' Highrise
Have all the functionality of Microsoft Office Outlook combined with 37Signals' Highrise. Add and view notes & tags. Assign tasks and emails to Highrise Contacts, Deal, Cases and Companies. All without...
Xcallibre forms processing solution (0 Reviews)
The forms processing solution using a Digital Pen and Anoto Functionality, functions like any normal pen but enables the user to send, by an internet PC connection or GPRS from a mobile phone, anything...
Absalon CRM 2011 for Consumer Goods (0 Reviews)
Absalon CRM 2011 for Manufacturing is the leading add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Consumer Goods industry. The solution covers all processes, functionalities and data models for these industries...
Release Date: 2011/01/20
Version: 2011