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PartTrap E-commerce (0 Reviews)
Today, the whole world is online, and web presence is mandatory in almost any business. Online business is reaching new heights, in the B2B sector as well as for B2C. This trend is global and the time to...
Release Date: 2010/09/30
Version: 2009
Attain Regulatory Management Information System (0 Reviews)
Attain RMIS is a Regulatory Management Information System for regulatory bodies across the different industries. The solution combines features such as content management, portal, document management,...
Release Date: 2012/01/02
Version: 2.1
Defiance SharePoint PLM (0 Reviews)
Defiance SharePoint based PLM system is a comprehensive tool for manufacturing companies to automate and accelerate their product development. Our solution has fully customizable workflow management for...
Release Date: 2011/06/24
Version: 1.0
DITA Exchange Word Editor (0 Reviews)
DITA Exchange Word Editor customizes the operation of Microsoft Word so that business users can easily edit and review DITA topics that can be reused across publications and communications channels. The...
Release Date: 2011/11/01
Version: 3.1
DITA Exchange Word Publisher (0 Reviews)
The DITA Exchange Word Publisher, a component of DITA Exchange Server, collects and combines all content referenced by a DITA map and renders it into a Microsoft Word document according into a selected...
Release Date: 2011/11/01
Version: 2.1.0
Intelligent Migration to SharePoint (0 Reviews)
SharePoint adoption continues to accelerate and smart organizations recognize the need to properly prepare content for migration to ensure best return on their investment. This means understanding the...
Version: 4.0
WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy for the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online Term Store (0 Reviews)
Ready to be imported into the SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online term store, the WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy includes terminology covering manufacturing processes, quality control, manufacturing sales,...
Release Date: 2011/09/23
WAND Mining Taxonomy for SharePoint 2010 Term Store (0 Reviews)
The WAND Mining Taxonomy includes 900+ terms and 200+ synonyms covering most major mining business processes including exploration, extraction, extractive metallurgy, geology, and more. This taxonomy is...
Release Date: 2011/10/24
WAND Oil & Gas Taxonomy for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online Term Store (0 Reviews)
For use in both Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Online, the WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy contains 1513 terms with 270 synonyms and includes both upsteam and downstream topics for the oil...
Release Date: 2012/01/26