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printing (0 Reviews)
 By using the correct programs to drive your applications it speeds up not only the service you can offer to your customer but also saves you time. Thus saving you money
SharePoint 2010 Website and Extranet for Business Instituion (0 Reviews)
Before the implementation of the Internet Extranet Website solution, the client had a website that was developed in 2006 and developed using PHP as the web language. The old website did not allow for...
Action View - Live Cricket Match Video Analysis (0 Reviews)
Action View is a top class digital video analysis application for the field of sports. It is designed to capture body analysis for the sports of cricket and lawn tennis, which the coaches, players and...
Release Date: 2012/04/04
Version: 4.0
Aurigma Photo Kiosk (0 Reviews)
Aurigma Photo Kiosk is a software which automates the process of accepting photo order for your photo print business. You can gain benefits from this software if you: - Accept orders to print on a minilab...
Capture LV (0 Reviews)
CaptureLV seamlessly integrates with MS Office 2007 Content management solution in such a way that the documents that are scanned, indexed, and reviewed, are imported transparently into the MS Office 2007...
Digital Kids Starter Companion (0 Reviews)
Digital Kids series is designed to introduce students to the key ICT applications they need to use in order to acquire that literacy and to understand the impact of technology on our daily lives. The...
Release Date: 2014/04/16
Version: 1.0
DocAve Replicator for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
As SharePoint environments expand to support more complex global collaboration initiatives, organizations must find solutions to support a seamless SharePoint service. Reliable access to current...
Movavi Video Converter 12 (0 Reviews)
Convert video to any formats Movavi Video Converter supports more than 180 HD video, DVD, audio, and image formats. For more details check the list of supported formats. Convert video files, entire DVD or...
Release Date: 2012/09/24
Version: 12.0.2
Print Tracker Pro (0 Reviews)
Print Tracker Pro is currently compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008. Print Tracker Pro gathers meters, toner, and supply information from locally-connected and network-connected...
Release Date: 2011/07/14
Version: 4.0.22
SharePoint OCR and Conversion (0 Reviews)
Our application provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert documents to searchable format like PDF for SharePoint. -Convert full document images to searchable PDF or text. -OCR specific...
Release Date: 2014/01/01
Version: 5.1