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Document Output, Assembly and Delivery for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
Xpertdoc specializes in automating document output for client communications: - Quotes - Contracts - Manufacturing checklists - Invoices - Statements - Business reviews - General correspondence - Call...
Release Date: 2013/10/01
Version: 2.0.7
eGovernment (0 Reviews)
Boxfusion’s eGovernment suite of products quite simply provides the most mature and broadest set of off-the-shelf solutions tailor made for the South African public sector. Boxfusion provides a range of...
Release Date: 2013/07/01
Version: 2.03
Xcallibre forms processing solution (0 Reviews)
The forms processing solution using a Digital Pen and Anoto Functionality, functions like any normal pen but enables the user to send, by an internet PC connection or GPRS from a mobile phone, anything...
Attain Regulatory Management Information System (0 Reviews)
Attain RMIS is a Regulatory Management Information System for regulatory bodies across the different industries. The solution combines features such as content management, portal, document management,...
Release Date: 2012/01/02
Version: 2.1
Document Converter for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Microsoft has introduced a new default file format for Office 2007 that is based on XML. This change causes some compatibility issues with documents saved in the pre-Office 2007 format (that is, .doc, ...
Employees Collaboration Portal (ECP) (0 Reviews)
ITWorx Employees Collaboration Portal is a SharePoint Server-based intranet portal tailored for Europe, Middle East, and Africa government agencies. The portal allows for internal, external and intra...
Release Date: 2011/05/01
Version: 1.0
Ensafer (0 Reviews)
Ensafer encrypts Dropbox and similar cloud services. This makes it possible to store and share data in a simple and secure way, using end-to-end encryption and state of the art technology. Ensafer runs on...
Release Date: 2014/04/18
Version: 1.0.5
Intelligent Migration to SharePoint (0 Reviews)
SharePoint adoption continues to accelerate and smart organizations recognize the need to properly prepare content for migration to ensure best return on their investment. This means understanding the...
Version: 4.0
ITWorx Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) (0 Reviews)
ITWorx Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) is an integrated, ready-made solution for correspondence management, that captures, retains, manages and searches for all types of electronic and non-electronic...
Release Date: 2010/02/02
Version: 1.0
KWizCom's SharePoint Rating Solution 1.5.00 (0 Reviews)
Anonymous user rating enabled The SharePoint Rating Solution also supports ratings by anonymous users – ideal for internet web sites!   NEW – Web service Rating API The SharePoint...