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RAF Accident Reporting Windows 8 Phone Application (0 Reviews)
The RAF Accident Report, windows 8 phone application equips users with a step-by-step guide on how to react in the event of an incident or emergency. It provides users with access to a variety of...
Release Date: 2013/06/10
StoreCard (Auditing Tool for the Merchandizing Review Process) (0 Reviews)
As a Microsoft Partner in Silver Application Development, Tildatech has skilled knowledge when it comes to specialized software applications like StoreCard. Created for Field marketing within the retail...
Version: 3.0
VisionForms Mobile: Enabling mobile data capture across devices & platforms. (0 Reviews)
VisionForms Mobile is a platform for collecting information from mobile devices. It allows organisations to use the devices that their people already have in their pockets - whether it be a smart-phone,...
Aggelos (0 Reviews)
Aggelos is an application that facilitates the delivery of large volume bulk SMS to a database of mobile users. Using spreadsheet and other file imports, Aggelos allows direct, targeted advertising and...
Release Date: 2013/03/29
Version: 4.05
Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer (0 Reviews)
Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer grants forensic access to information stored in backups produced with PC and Mac versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software. Review call logs, get access to email, SMS...
Release Date: 2012/10/08
Version: 10.2
English- All-in-one Video Converter (0 Reviews)
LionSea All-in-One Video Converter is a kind of powerful video converting software which is capable of converting almost all video & audio formats between AVI, MPEG, WMV, H.264/AVC, DivX, MP4, MKV, RM,...
Release Date: 2012/04/30
Version: 2.01
Global Alerting Platform (0 Reviews)
GAP is a global hub for satellite messaging devices providing location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and storage. As the cost of satellite communications reduces, the market for tracking...
Release Date: 2011/01/17
Version: 1.0
GVA Tracker (0 Reviews)
The GVA Tracker is a Windows Phone 8 App that enables you to view flights to and from Geneva Airport and be notified of all the information about the tracked flights. Based on Windows Azure Cloud...
Release Date: 2013/12/25
Hospital Wait Time (0 Reviews)
Hospital Wait Time Mobile Application is a cross platform mobile application, so it can be run on Android, Windows Phone 8, iPhone and Black Berry. On the start-up of application, it displays nearest 15...
iWantplace is the name associated for all markets (0 Reviews)
iWantPlace is an application which is the actual store online dealing with the promotion and management of orders received from the iWantplanet users! The store appears online and to social and mobile...
Release Date: 2012/08/15
Version: 3.1