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Mimecast Office 365 Security (0 Reviews)
Mimecast Office 365 Security complements and extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365, delivering uncompromising protection for Office 365 users against all inbound and outbound email-borne...
Mimecast Unified Email Management (0 Reviews)
Mimecast is the number one companion for Microsoft Exchange Online. Together Mimecast and Microsoft Exchange Online offer most powerful integrated platform for e-mail and e-mail management available on...
Bitdefender Security for File Servers, Exchange, SharePoint and ISA Servers (0 Reviews)
Bitdefender Business Security Solutions for Windows Servers protect File Servers, Exchange, SharePoint and ISA Servers Bitdefender Security for File Servers is a data security solution especially...
Release Date: 2011/03/15
Version: 3.5
eScan Anti-Virus for Home Users (0 Reviews)
eScan Anti-Virus solution designed for home users is a comprehensive Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution that provides proactive protection to your computers against Malware and other threats that...
Release Date: 2010/09/20
Version: 11.x
GWAVA Messaging Security (0 Reviews)
GWAVA protects vital business communication for thousands of organizations in industries such as government, education, financial services, healthcare and business. GWAVA stops cybercriminals, spam, and...
Release Date: 2013/05/08
Version: 6.5
Policy Patrol Disclaimers (0 Reviews)
Policy Patrol Disclaimers allows you to centrally manage your users’ email signatures and disclaimers on Exchange Server to ensure that your corporate emails consistently contain a professional email...
Release Date: 2013/05/23
Version: 9
Policy Patrol Mail Security (0 Reviews)
Policy Patrol Mail Security can content check emails and apply email policy rules to prevent many email security risks, including legal liability resulting from email content, confidential data leakage,...
Release Date: 2012/05/24
Version: 8.0
Policy Patrol Spam Filter (0 Reviews)
Policy Patrol Spam Filter is an effective junk mail filter for Microsoft Exchange Server. Policy Patrol includes an email quarantine report that allows users to quickly scan through the list of newly...
Release Date: 2013/05/23
Version: 9.0
SPAMfighter (0 Reviews)
Spam is a huge problem around the globe, that’s why SPAMfighter teamed up with Microsoft and developed the strongest, secure and effective anti-spam filter ever seen on the market! The best thing about...
Release Date: 2011/08/29
Version: 7.3.64