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B2B eCommerce solution for the furniture industry (0 Reviews)
This solution was built on our own framework that acts like Ajax, only refreshing areas on the page when required. It was build with a combination of technologies like ASP (classic), SQL, Web services and... - .NET Mobile Framework (0 Reviews)
Why should I use - Mobile technology is complex, and it's changing all the time. takes care of the complexity and changes so you and your technology team don’t have to. How...
Release Date: 2011/06/16
Version: 1.1
eGovHub - The Local Government eForm Suite (0 Reviews)
eGovHub eForms have been designed to be able to enable citizens to collaborate with local government and facilitate channel shift. The eForms’ built-in intelligence gives the citizen better...
Release Date: 2011/03/01
MPP - Multi Portal Platform (0 Reviews)
The Multi Portal Platform promote planning and management of economic, social and environmental development from a region in one multi portal platform. Supports multiple independent portals, where each...