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GSD specialises in Software Development, System Implementation and Support for the small to medium sized enterprise. We strive for customer satisfaction by delivering a personalised quality service to all our clients, which continues beyond the implementation.

Our implementations have been successful because of our steadfast resolve to optimise the transfer of knowledge to our clients while simultaneously delivering quality software solutions - solutions that not only satisfy the mission critical aspects of the business, but also derive maximum strategic benefit.

Our small group of highly experienced consultants pride themselves in keeping abreast of the latest software and industry related techniques, which are perfectly complemented by their extensive business experience.

We have been developing in the Microsoft® .NET framework since its inception and find the concepts and Rapid Application Development (RAD) that it provides to be unparalleled. From developing enterprise wide solutions to the smallest of Windows® based forms applications, this environment provides the solutions to today's problems with tools of the future.

We are proficient with many of the programming languages on the market today. We have extensive experience ranging from the early days of Cobol, RPG and assembler, through to the first object orientated languages such as C, C++ and Pascal and are now coding in the languages of the future in the .NET framework C#, J# and VB.

Utilising the powerful tools supplied with Microsoft SQL Server (such as SSIS and Analysis Services) we are able to leverage advanced Business Intelligence concepts to deliver rapid solutions for our clients. Transforming the very rigid data structures contained in traditional Back Office On Line Transactional Processing (OLTP) Systems into the less rigid and more easily queried repositories of data held in well organised Data Marts is the key to this success.

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