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Phone: +27 (021) 671-5778

iSquared offers 3 professional services:
Consulting, Professional Service by: iSquared
Price: Free
iSquared provide a free Present State Analysis to potential customers with intent to engage iSquared as an IT service provider. This technical engagement documents the current infrastructure and end user computing platform to determine aease of improvement. The outcome of this engagement is a transitional and furture state design with ROI in mind. Read more
Managed Services by: iSquared
Price: For Purchase
- Datacenter Design, Build and Support - Managed Operations Centre and helpdesk - Virtual Platform Management and Monitoring - Server Infrastructure Management and Monitoring - Storage Management and Monitoring - Back up and Replication Services, Management and Monitoring - Routine Maintenance and Updates - Enviromental Monitoring - Power Management & Monitoring Read more
Licensing Sales and Service by: iSquared
Price: Free
- Review of existing Microsoft Licensing Contracts - Advice on best Licensing Option based ont he business requirement - Procurement and Management of Microsoft Licensing Contracts - Software Assurance Benefits Activation Assistance We provide this service free of charge to our existing client and new clients with intent to engage iSquared as a Microsoft Licensing Partner. Read more