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AccTech Advanced Analytics

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The importance of Business Intelligence in an organisation cannot be over emphasised. 

Successfully deployed, Business Intelligence puts the right information in the right hands at the right time. 

AccTech’s Advanced Analytics solution does just that.  It empowers users with the technology platform for intelligent business to not only review data, but to analyse information, information that leads to dramatically advanced decision making capabilities.

Utilising advanced predictive analysis features, AccTech’s Advanced Analytics delivers advanced data mining technologies through Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Its enhanced data-mining structures deliver more flexibility to perform focused analysis through filtering as well as to deliver complete information in reports beyond the scope of the traditional data-mining model, and beyond the reach of traditional ERP reporting solutions. AccTech’s Advanced Analytics technology platform is based on the following components: 

Data Environment 

As the de facto choice of database for modern ERP Systems, Microsoft SQL Server has become one of the most popular database management systems in the world.  Taking advantage of its advanced analysis, reporting and integration services, AccTech Advanced Analytics uses Microsoft SQL server as the core of its Business Intelligence Platform.

Give users virtually unlimited data access.

Encapsulate mission-critical enterprise data sources for ad-hoc analysis by using SQL Server Reporting Services data feeds and PowerPivot workbooks as
data sources.

Transparent Data Encryption

Enable encryption of an entire database, data files, or log files, without the need for application changes. Benefits of this include: Search encrypted data using both ranges and fuzzy searches, search secure data from unauthorized users, and data encryption without any required changes in existing applications.


Create and manage auditing via DDL, while simplifying compliance by providing more comprehensive data auditing.

Collaboration Environment

AccTech Advanced Analysis utilises SharePoint 2010 as the Business Collaboration Platform. For every business scenario in which people need to interact with other people, with content and information, or with line-of-business data, the SharePoint platform includes a rich set of integrated capabilities that is ready to be used out-of-the-box, but can also be customized to address specific business needs.

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