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Hosted Sharepoint - Cloud Services

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SharePoint 2010 is The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web. For every business scenario where people need to interact with other people, with content and information, or with line of business data, the SharePoint platform includes a rich set of integrated capabilities that is ready to be used out-of-the-box, but can also be customized to address specific business needs and integrated with other products and solutions.

The SharePoint platform can be deployed both inside the enterprise (Intranets), and outside of the firewall (Extranets, Internet-facing sites), to enable interaction with employees, customers and business partners, while using the same set of capabilities and tools.

Connect and Empower People by letting them work together in ways that are most effective for them. Whether through the PC, browser or mobile phone, SharePoint 2010 offers an intuitive and familiar user experience and enables people to use SharePoint’s integrated set of capabilities in addition to new ways of improving business collaboration with Microsoft Office 2010.

Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure that offers enterprise-scale manageability and availability.Whether deployed on-premises or as hosted services, SharePoint 2010 lowers total cost of ownership by offering an integrated set of features and by allowing organizations to consolidate their business-productivity solutions on top of SharePoint.

Rapidly respond to business needs with dynamic and easily deployed solutions. Whether it’s a business user, a power user or a professional developer, SharePoint 2010 offers the tools and capabilities to design and create business solutions that can be integrated with existing enterprise data, tools and processes.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 is the new version of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). It employs operating system and database services to support requirements ranging from a team site for a workgroup to large enterprise portal solutions serving hundreds of thousands of employees and staff, and to a corporate Internet site supporting millions of viewers.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 builds on top of SharePoint Foundation 2010 to provide a comprehensive solution with enterprise-scale capabilities to meet critical needs such as managing content and business processes while simplifying how people find and share information across boundaries.

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