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IS Partners solves the needs of sales managers to achieve their targets, identify trends in their information, rank and improve sales performance and manage pipeline metrics. The company specialises in building, integrating, implementing and supporting enterprise
systems for managing sales people and gaining insights into sales and business processes to make a positive impact on productivity, profitability and growth.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using our product:

- Forecast accurately –by aligning sales targets company product strategy and customer profiles. 

- Manage sales team performance in real time – through visibility into individual and team rankings

- Respond to new opportunities – through effective pipeline management and analysis

- Accurately predict business growth – by drilling down and viewing key performance information

- Accurately forecast customer demand – through the ability to identify trends in sales information.


With IS Partners' Sales PERFORMANCE solution customers can forecast sales reliably and accurately, which gives them the capability to project revenue correctly and achieve sales targets. Visibility into the sales pipeline results in improved management of product
lifecycle development, while visibility into the drivers of corporate performance result in more informed business decisions.

IS Partners’ services offer a key benefit to customers: Sales PERFORMANCE Allows sales executives, managers and sales people to access information and make decisions at least 50 percent quicker. Unlike other business solutions that are eternal to the Customer
Relationship Management and financial solutions ours leverages off the integrated Microsoft Platform to provide a robust and integrated solution to the Sales Team. Contact us today for an assessment of how Sales PERFORMANCE can give your organisation the ability
to plan, monitor, forecast and report accurately on information in a timely and flexible way.

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