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SABRIC Cassandra

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The dashboard empowered individuals to process data concurrently, allowing multiple users to import data from a single file at the same time; a significant achievement, as
a key limitation of the existing system was that only one user could work on a single data file at any given time. SABRIC receives thousands of fraudulent transactions from banking institutions every day that need to be cleaned and captured into the system,
so removing this concurrency bottleneck was a primary goal that was successfully achieved.

An advanced data transformation engine allows administrators to build dynamic rules that determine where various bits of imported data should be routed, and how this data must
be transformed along the way. This provides an extremely flexible data cleansing mechanism, which was another major win for the solution. Storing and working with critical bank-related fraud data such as credit card information and criminal identities naturally
warrants a highly secure environment. Therefore, securing SABRIC’s data was a key objective, particularly as the existing system’s security features were non-existent. Mint implemented a solid PCI compliant forms-based security model that offered administrators
full control over who could access the data, and which individuals had elevated rights to perform more critical functions. Furthermore, a comprehensive auditing structure was built around each data stream to track every change to an entity, and the ability
to review what was modified and by whom, was provided at record level.

Overall, Mint’s solution offered a comprehensive resolution to the key objectives of this project. By following an iterative development model Mint was able to evolve their
design as the project progressed, and with close customer collaboration and continuous requirements gathering exercises, Mint was able to deliver far more value than was initially required or envisaged.


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