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Strategic Business Intelligence

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Within an organisation the ability to manage and utilize data makes a significant impact on how an organisation operates and how decisions are made. With Business Intelligence becoming an integral part of an organisations business strategy, IS Partners is the Ideal BI partner.

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider, and Gold Certified Partner, IS Partners brings together the Microsoft technology platform and its own proven implementation methodology to deliver bottom-line value to BI systems that improve the speed and quality of decision-making.

Business Intelligence refers to the systems implemented to consolidate data within an organization, enabling them to manage, analyze and utilize this information to make informed decisions. The improvement in overall business processes and productivity is measurable due to quicker decisions being made.

BI empowers sales, marketing, finance and management. IS Partners has demonstrated its exceptional ability and experience as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for BI, focusing on business analysis, technical design, application architecture, implementation, training and performance tuning on the Microsoft platform. IS Partners has enabled BI implementations in the main process areas of business, including sales, marketing, financials, CRM and the supply chain.

Business intelligence can be implemented in the following areas in order to drive business value:

- Measurement, creating performance metrics to show an organizations progress towards business goals
- Analytics involving data mining, statistical analysis, Predictive analytics, Predictive modeling, Business process modeling
- Reporting / Enterprise reporting, Strategic reporting to serve the management of an organisation
- Collaboration, Data Sharing
- Knowledge management, enabling an organization to identify, create, distribute and manage the data within an organization.

IS Partners delivers BI solutions within an organisation that will collect, integrate and analyse past and present business information. The data can then be presented to the organisation in a quick and easily accessible format. This will enable decisions and questions to be formulated on accurate and timely data.

Our BI Solutions incorporate the following:

- Data Warehouse Solutions
- Performance management
- Master data management
- BI applications
- Solutions management

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