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Auto Number

by ConsultCRM

Do you need sequential number tracking on records that you create in Microsoft CRM?

Currently there is only a limited facility for tracking unique (not sequential) numbers, and only on very few records (such as Cases and Contracts). Auto Number from ConsultCRM solves this issue and helps clients ensure consistency in tracking of various record types in Microsoft CRM.

ConsultCRM’s Auto Number is ready for On-Premise, Hosted and Online editions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This product has been created using Silverlight 4.0 and uses plugins to do the hard work.

Simply choose any of the standard records or indeed your own custom entity records, and configure the Auto Number facility. ConsultCRM’s Auto Number can generate numbers using prefix, number and suffix, or any variant of these. The product gives the user two options for the format of the Auto Number that will be generated.

It can be either Default, which is similar to the standard Auto Number feature, or Custom which allows the user to define custom Auto Number format. With the Custom format, the user is able to define the “Prefix”, “Suffix” and “Increment By” format for the generated number.

The new numbering will not alter any existing / historic records that may be important for the organisation to keep.

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