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Gap Consulting

Auto Number for Dynamics CRM 2013

by Gap Consulting

Gap Consulting’s Essentials Auto Number tool provides you with the ability to generate Auto Numbers based on your business requirements. It makes creating new Auto Number Definition’s quick and easy as there is no need to use the plug-in registration tool, and no requirement to know the technical names of entities or fields.

◾Developed using a single code base for all deployment scenarios including CRM Online (fully compatible with the fall 2013 service update), On-Premise, and Partner Hosted.
◾No need to use plug-in registration tool.
◾Supports customisable entities and fields including new custom entities and fields.
◾Auto Numbers are created for all records regardless of whether created through the CRM User Interface, SDK, or offline clients (which get their auto number when synchronising).
◾Preview Auto Number via the Auto Number Definition form and add a prefix and or suffix.
◾Disable Auto Number Definitions by using standard CRM to deactivate the record.
◾Reset your Auto Number if required by typing in the reset value.
◾Write to text or integer fields (prefix and suffix are disabled for integer)
◾HTML5 control to display metadata in real-time

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