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App-V Generator

by Infopulse

Sequence or directly edit App-V packages of any complexity smoothly. Make “problematic” applications work virtualized with minimal effort and headache.
Employ App-V Generator’s unique features to discover any type of troublemaking hard-coded data in a package and implement pre-defined or custom OSD scripting solutions without manual OSD file editing. And do the job anywhere, anytime with App-V Generator being portable!

Features and benefits:
• OSD scripts pool – your knowledge base and implementation interface for OSD scripting solutions.
• Complete Portability – no installation required.
• Edit SFT and OSD – just open and edit a package or a dedicated OSD file. No comprehensive update procedure.
• Application settings and hard-coded values scanning – discover and eliminate virtualized application issues beforehand.
• Convenient resources editing/importing/exporting – get the full control over a package contents.
• Advanced management of virtual services – add any existing service to a package, edit services.
• Snapshot-based App-V packages creation – ensure accurate resources inclusion.

App-V Generator is the part of Packaging Acceleration Center (PACE) – a comprehensive application packaging and virtualization suite being developed jointly with insight and expertise of the largest packaging team in Europe.

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