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AppSense Environment Manager

by AppSense Inc

AppSense Environment Manager enables low-cost, standard desktop images to be used to deliver fully configured and personalized desktops to all employees. This ensures maximum user adoption from a standard base image, further reducing desktop management cost, as well the complexity and risk associated with maintaining a large desktop estate.

Used by thousands of companies around the world, AppSense Environment Manager provides users with a ‘follow me’ personality – providing the same managed yet personal experience regardless of how the desktop is delivered. Combinations of virtual, local, published, streamed and provisioned desktop components are dynamically personalized as the employee uses them – enabling IT to use best of breed technologies without having to worry about consistency of user experience.
See how it all works below, and how AppSense Environment Manager is providing cost savings – as well as peace of mind – to enterprises everywhere.

Key Features:

- User Profile Migration
- Offline Mode
- Accelerate Microsoft Windows 7 Migration
- Self Service Personalization/Settings Rollback
- Helpdesk initiated Personalization/Settings Rollback
- Application-Level Personalization
- Self Healing
- Personalization Streaming
- Personalization Analysis
- Cross Operating System Platform Support
- Triggers, Conditions and Actions
- Cross Delivery Mechanism Support
- AppSense Configuration Templates
- Configure and Personalize Microsoft App-V Applications
- Application Policy Control
- Contextual Policy Orchestration

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