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AssetTraq Mobile™ - Asset Management Software for Windows

by ASP Microcomputers

AssetTraq Mobile™ is a complete solution to keeping in control of your assets. Using barcode technology to simplify and speed the identification process, AssetTraq Mobile™ is easy and logical to learn. Many different brands and models of Portable Barcode
Readers and Terminals can be integrated. Barcode Label printing is built in. It even takes care of short term asset loans, for instance a digital camera to a student at a school!

The multitude of reports available from AssetTraq Mobile™ cover just about every conceivable way you might need to look at your assets (and if we've left anything out, let us know, we're always ready to make improvements).

Periodic auditing of your assets is made easy with one of the recommended Portable Barcode Readers. The more sophisticated unit even lets you carry your complete asset database in the palm of your hand, allowing in field repositioning of assets, and collection
of other status information.


Simple to use Windows program.

Use barcodes to identify assets and locations.

Built in facility to loan and track assets.

Track warranty and safety inspection dates.

Suitable for Government Organisations, Schools and Businesses.

Audit assets, location and condition quickly with a Rugged Portable Barcode Reader.

Built in barcode label printing for assets, locations and borrowers.

Import data from existing asset registers simply.

Optional extra seats (multi-user) available.

AssetTraq Mobile™ is a product from ASP, 34 years in business, and Quality Certified under the QBase System.

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