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by EMS Solutions

Basix:Platform® is an innovative business application run-time environment used to deploy robust and scalable business solutions to end-users.

Built on the knowledge and experience gained from over 14 years of developing and marketing flexible commercial software, the Basix™ products from EMS offer an alternative to the high cost, "one-size-fits-all"
commercial software offered to industry-specific clients today.

Each Basix:Platform® solution we develop includes a range of standard functions and features, whether it be one of our off the shelf packages or a custom business solution:

* Standardised toolbar and menu options with built-in data manipulation functions
(i.e. Add, Update, Delete and Clone)
*A configurable application and form navigation tree view component
*Various form styles to improved data review and editing:
**Card View - for viewing and editing single records
**Grid View - with powerful filter, sort, grouping and export functions for handling large datasets
**Chart View - for reviewing and analysing numerical data as a graph
**Gantt View - for Gantt charting and scheduling etc.
**Map View - for viewing and analysing data spatially
**Explorer View - a graphical navigation aid to explore business objects
*A powerful search engine that includes query-by-form, stored searches and advanced searching capabilities
*Built-in data import/export options for transferring data to mobile and other applications such as Excel
*A simple "to-do" list function for reminders and follow-up
*A range of document management functions and business actions facilities on all forms - to launch business processes and work-flow.
*Drag and drop of files and emails from Windows or Outlook directly into the current record in Basix™
*Integration to Microsoft Reporting Services for general reporting requirements

These standard features provide a consistent and robust look and feel across all Basix™ applications, which helps minimise training and documentation for your staff.

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