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Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd

BDSSync CRM/MYOB Connector

by Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd

The connector provides seamless integration between Dynamics CRM 2011 online and MYOB.

Business Driven Systems and Myriad IT Technology Solutions have teamed up to provide SME’s with the ultimate integrated sales solution with the goal of better managing and controlling your sales while also reducing your overheads by removing the need for double entry.

The business benefits from the connector are:

- Synchronise Customer Cards and Items Invoices and eliminate the double entry of customer and sales data to MYOB

- Reduce your overheads for managing your sales and invoicing in MYOB by saving up to 90% of your time

- Automate you’re integration using BDSSync and allow your staff to focus on more productive tasks

- Easy management of your CRM synchronisations using a small applet which runs on your PC or terminal server

- Manage your issues with accurate error reporting and integration management screens.

- Further customisations available for synchronisations

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