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Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd

BDSSync CRM/MYOB Connector

by Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd
Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd

Myriad IT Services Pty Ltd

Myriad IT is a services and solutions company that has been partnering with clients since 1999 to provide intelligent, reliable business systems with outstanding technical support. This allows our clients to concentrate on their core business by providing expert solution architecture assistance.

Our traditional focus (since 1999) was implementation / support of the Oracle JD Edwards ERP software on Microsoft technology. We deliver premium support for Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, Virtualisation, SQL database and business productivity tools.

Since 2009 Myriad has been providing integrated solutions using Microsoft Dynamics - CRM, SharePoint, BI and BizTalk. Myriad deploys these solutions both as standalone and as an extension to JD Edwards ERP, vastly improving the basic functionality provided with a rich, flexible and robust solution.

Other core competencies include network and infrastructure design, database installation and performance tuning, system integration, change management, project management, report development and information analytics.

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