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Bitdefender Security for File Servers, Exchange, SharePoint and ISA Servers

by Bitdefender


Bitdefender consistently creates number-one-ranked and award-winning security solutions. Since 2001, Bitdefender has continuously raised the bar in security. From individuals to the largest enterprises, Bitdefender innovations foster confidence, and the freedom to conduct business, by defending data and brand integrity. Today, Bitdefender technology secures the digital experience of around 400 million home and corporate users across the globe.

The latest Bitdefender Business Solutions are based on a unique architecture on which Bitdefender has developed security solutions that meet the needs of small to extremely large organizations. The architecture provides a massively scalable and highly available platform for the management portion of Bitdefender business security solutions. Powered by Bitdefender Gravity Architecture, Bitdefender products are capable of addressing the needs of even the largest businesses from a single console.

Bitdefender solutions are distributed by a global network of value-added distribution and reseller partners in countries across the world.