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Booking System

by JayThom

The ability to manage venues and related facilities along with the people and organisations involved in the bookings process is integral to JayThom's bookings system.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform the solution manages one off casual bookings through to the most complex recurring bookings e.g. football training and games for a season. This scheduling engine has been developed to cater for all the scenarios a booking system could require.

Multiple price lists and services per facility provide flexibility when booking a sports reserve or venue. Bond and public liability information is also related directly to the booking ensuring legal requirements are adhered to through the bookings process.

Automated checklist tasks, notes, phone calls, email and SMS messages are related directly to the booking and people or organisations involved with individual bookings. The checklist items ensure proper processes are followed e.g. bond amounts per facility, public liability, deposit requirements etc. History of these transactions remains with the bookings ensuring a single view is maintained and available to all staff involved in the process.

Business units and security roles ensure facilities can only be confirmed by staff members with the appropriate permissions to do so. Bookings will be waitlisted for authorisation where these permissions are not adequate.

The web portal allows community members to view availability and make bookings from a secure environment using the Securepay payment gateway to receive a deposit and bond for the booking.

The bookings can also be extended to manage related events e.g. training courses, workshops, seminars etc. The solution will manage communication lists for people attending in conjunction with the facility being used. 

Integration to SharePoint provides the management of template documents that are mail merged directly from the booking using MS Word for delivery. These documents are pre-populated with hirer and booking information for delivery of quotations, booking confirmations, invoices etc.

Integration to internal systems can automate the financials process and ensure a single view of people and organisations is maintained.

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