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Breeze CloudFeedsManager

by Breeze

Are you a major retailer or trading online and failing when demand peaks at annual clearance sale time?

Does your data change frequently and move quickly?

Are you after better ROI and more efficient management of volumes of data?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, the Breeze CloudFeedsManager™ and a professional architecture review by Breeze could help your customer realise the business efficiencies they’ve been striving for. Introduce your customer to Breeze today.

CloudFeedsManager™ by Breeze is the next-generation and fully featured fast moving data feeds processing engine. The CloudFeedsManager architecture is modular in design, robust, proven and highly scalable, allowing the same basic system to be tailored to both large-scale operations as well as smaller managed solutions. Breeze CloudFeedsManager provides the ability to scale your existing platform to pre-built components, removing the bottleneck from your on-premise infrastructure and maximising the scalability and reliability of the cloud on a per consumption pricing model.

Breeze won the 2012 World Wide Microsoft Partner of the year award for their Cloud Integration solution for Centrebet (now Sportingbet/William Hill). A Video & Case Study are also available at the Breeze site discussing how CloudFeedsManager was used in this solution to manage fast moving, frequently changing sports betting data more effectively.

Breeze is a two-time winner of the Microsoft World Wide Partner Award for Application Integration (2012 and 2014), hold Gold Microsoft Partner status and have two Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and a team of Microsoft P-Sellers on staff.

For a professionally architected integration solution, Breeze has the experience; the awards and credentials you need.

Please call or email to discuss your situation.

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