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Breeze CloudFeedsManager

by Breeze


Breeze is Australia’s leading integration company developing smart, innovative solutions using the latest cloud technologies. A Microsoft Gold Partner and Worldwide Award Winner; focused on deploying on-premise systems to the cloud through Application Development, Application Integration technologies and Business Intelligence solutions.

Full competency in the Microsoft Application Platform technologies - Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk and SharePoint.

Application Integration & Development is our specialty.

Application Development & Integration is about connecting your business' systems so they all work together successfully. Whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions we enable your IT systems to talk together utilising the latest Microsoft technologies.

At Breeze, we make real time visibility and business insights possible. Solving your business data challenges is our specialty.

Addressing any pre-existing challenges you may have with how your systems are currently interacting, or how they can be enhanced to support your business growth is what we do best.

Moving performance constraints out to the Microsoft Azure cloud and at the same time keeping secret data on-premises through development of a hybrid solution means you save on costs, retain IP in-house, and focus on business growth.

At Breeze we also develop Cloud Software solutions including CloudDataManager, CloudFeedsManager and CloudLabManager. More details about each of these is on the Breeze website.